4 reasons why Kanjeevaramsarees are popular these days

4 reasons why Kanjeevaramsarees are popular these days

The roots of the Kanjeevaramsarees lie inKanchipuram which is located in Tamil Nadu and was initially woven by the Saligars and Devangas communities which resided here. Over the course of time, the design in the sarees became popular due to the unique style of weaving and the patterns that were used in the making of a single piece.Korvai is one of the major techniques that is used in the making of this saree where the borders are interlaced with the body of the sari.  You can even check out  to get your hands on some of the exquisite saree designs..

Here are the main reasons why kanjeevaramsarees are quite popular these days. Learn more about the factors below:

  1. It is available in variety of designs

Earlier, the design of the kanjeevaramsaree was restricted to the traditional dots and stripes but over time there has been a significant change in the same as well. Today, motifs such as peacocks, paisleys, sun, mangoes, leaves, etc., are also found. The zari work and the embroidery that is used during the weaving process make these sarees popular as these are intricate and take exquisite craftsmanship to bring out something beautiful. Some of the most popular designs available in the Kanjeevaramsarees include the plain golden border, temple border, floral design, and many more.

  1. It is perfect for wedding occasions

As you know, Indians love elaborated weddings and in areas especially the South, the wedding trousseau of a bride is incomplete without the Kanjeevaramsaree. For such occasions, bright colours such as red, orange, yellow, or white are chosen with heavy zari work the making of which takes at least ten to twenty days. As these are handwoven, they take significant amount of time in making and craftsmanship and thus they are priced between several thousands to lakhs. Along with that, it is a tradition to wear the temple jewellery with this saree to complete the entire wedding look.

  1. These are intricately woven with a unique technique

The uniqueness of the Kanjeevaramsarees lie in the manner in which they are weaved. The zari technique is used in the making of these sareesin which a silver thread is used for the weaving process along with an intervention of a gold thread. Warp and weft frames are commonly used during the process as they provide the perfect base for making the saree. Another important aspect of this saree is the mulberry silk thread which is especially used in the making of this saree and is only found in the regions of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

  1. They have a modern appeal

Weavers have now started crafting modern patterns on the sarees however the traditional weaving technique is still used in making it. This transformation makes the saree even more desirable for the people who prefer modern designs and patterns. One can even ask for a blend of cotton and silk in the sarees which eventually reduces the excess weight of the saree that one usually find in the traditional ones.

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